Unposted letters 1&2

Fijay (Blog On!) and I decided to have a go at writing something about a birthday collage found in the inner sleeve of a book I bought in a charity show. Mine can be found here https://dermotthayes.com/2016/08/27/sylvias-letter/ while Fijay’s will follow. Anyone else who’d like to have a go, please do. The artwork prompt is at the top of Sylvia’s Letter

Blog On!!!

Still have no wifi so using phone which appears to have intermittent connection at the mo weirdly…as it should have no relation to my general wifi but there you go

Apparantly its going to be upvto 2 weeks before I’m fully up and running again

So…. the inspiration for the previous 2 posts came from fellow blogger Dermott Hayes of Postcardfromapigeon.com….. buying a book in a charity shop which he later found had a collage stuck on the inside sleeve signed by someone called Heather.( see his site for more info)

This intrigued me…. I love browsing vintage shops and flea markets…and always wonder about the old photo’s you often see in tins at these places… wondering who the people are and who would throw such photo’s out

My most treasured possession is an evening bag belonging to my great aunt containing letters between her and my grandmother when they…

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