Rules of Social Media, teen style

LIKE. FLIRT. GHOST. A JOURNEY INTO THE SOCIAL MEDIA LIVES OF TEENS For teenagers these days, social media is real life, with its own arcane rules and etiquette. Writer Mary H. K. Choi embedded with five high schoolers to chronicle their digital experiences. There’s twin sisters Lara and Sofia in Atherton, California; Ahmad in New…Read more Rules of Social Media, teen style

Truth! Stranger than fiction

The Strange Reason Nearly Every Film Ends by Saying It’s Fiction (You Guessed It: Rasputin!) By Duncan Fyfe Thanks, Rasputin. Wikimedia Commons Virtually every film in modern memory ends with some variation of the same disclaimer: “This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely…Read more Truth! Stranger than fiction


SECRET CAMERAS RECORD BALTIMORE'S EVERY MOVE FROM ABOVE Since January, police have been testing an aerial surveillance system adapted from the surge in Iraq. And they neglected to tell the public. By Monte Reel | August 23, 2016 Photographs by Philip Montgomery Video by Drew Beebe From read more

Wrong Number

Ring, ring...ring, ring He listens to the ringing tone, the crumpled, handwritten note on the shelf. A female voice answers. Hello? Honey, I'm sorry. I took the money. I needed to pay for something. Mary's pregnant. It's my fault... Who is this? It's Johnny. Sadie? No. Sorry, my mistake.

Sylvia’s Letter

When I bought a book in a charity shop I found a mysterious birthday collage inside the cover. Fijay from Blog On! and I decided we would both do our own versions of the story behind the message in the book. I bought a book by Shel Silverstein in a charity shop. He wrote Sylvia's…Read more Sylvia’s Letter