Happy birthday, Philo

Phillip Parris (Philo) Lynott would be 67, if he’d lived. His birthday was celebrated two days ago and I posted a notice on my Facebook page. As a former music journalist, our paths crossed quite often but the first time I came across him was in 1972 when Thin Lizzy, then an unknown Irish rock band, played in our school hall. Myself and a friend were running the soft drinks concession. Several years later, I worked on the security at a show Thin Lizzy headlined in Dublin in 1977, supported by Boomtown Rats, graham Parker and The Rumour and Aswad. This photograph was taken outside the Bailey bar in Dublin, one of Philo’s regular haunts. It was August 1985, a week after his birthday and a little over four months before his tragic death on January 4, 1986.



11 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Philo

    • Whiskey in the Jar was a novelty single that became a curse for them. It was something they played in rehearsal, during warm ups, an old Irish drinking ballad, their management insisted they release. Before they knew it, they were on Top of the Pops

      • Now that’s a classic. Did you know Phil wrote the first line as ‘GI Joe is back in town’ but changed it to, ‘the boys’ and later, during the first Gulf War in 1992, it was the most requested song by US army personnel abroad?

      • That’s interesting I’ll pass that info onto my wife.
        I heard that about the US army, apparently they weren’t the only ones.
        (On that theme, I once heard a group of Russian special forces in Afghanistan singing their own version of ‘We will rock you,’ (We are Spretnaz); sounded ominous)

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