Slavery’s alive and well, doing time and making profits

In George Orwell's dystopian novel of a post apocalyptic totalitarian world, 1984, manual and menial labour is performed by incarcerated slaves   How Prison Labor is the New American Slavery and Most of Us Unknowingly Support it June 13, 2016 at 11:58 pm If you buy products or services from any of the 50 companies…Read more Slavery’s alive and well, doing time and making profits

Women in Chains

Why Are There So Many Women in Jail? The number of women in jails has skyrocketed over the past four decades. By Michelle ChenTwitter Inmates in a women's jail in Los Angeles County, where a program focuses on rehabilitating women who have pled guilty to non-violent crimes. (Reuters / Lucy Nicholson) There are 14 times…Read more Women in Chains

The Oxford Book of English Short Stories

The Short Story as fiction’s ultimate form of fiction.

Cath Humphris

I’m sitting at the front of the class, with my notes and my presentation, throwing out leading questions on the two short stories we’ve read for our homework.  Sounds like school, but this is adult education.  We’re in the church hall, on a sunny Autumn morning, by choice.

DSCF8020My paperback copy of The Oxford Book of English Short Stories, edited by Antonia Byatt, is battered, but still holding together.  It’s a working copy, with a continually shifting fringe of post-its.  The terse notes on them have, here and there, strayed onto the pages.  You’ll have gathered that, as an object, this book is no longer a thing of beauty.

As a source book for a reading group though, this anthology is a joy.  The stories provide a taste of how short story ideas changed during the twentieth century, and they’re a challenge.

Half of my class, at least, are not sure about…

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How to Get Book Reviews

Essential, no-nonsense, waffle free guide to getting reviews. Priceless

Mundus Media Ink

Waiting for book reviews copy

Let’s face it, waiting for book reviews can seem to take a lifetime. These all important book reviews are a necessity in getting your book viewed and purchased by more readers. Without them, you’re screwed.

Waiting for Book Reviews?

While your waiting for your book reviews to increase in number you can begin a campaign that will help them do just that.

Ask for reviews: There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for reviews. In fact, you can send out a newsletter to your subscribers advertising your new book and ask for reviews.

Query book reviewers: You don’t need to pay for this service, although you can. I recommend you get real reviews, because paid ones stand out from the rest, they’re a bit obvious. Start assembling your list of book reviewers well before your publication date. This is something you want to be prepared for so that when your…

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50 words So they set me a task. Write a story, they said and I asked, who are you? but they looked at me like they found me on their shoes then they ignored me, snubbed me, wouldn't tell me why or what to write. I asked, how many words? 'Fifty'.

Essential Reading for Writers

“I don’t want someone else to destroy me work.” I have heard innumerable writers make some variation of that statement. But often having someone else critique a manuscript is the only way for an author to improve it. After all, he or she has been staring at it for months, grown attached to scenes and […]…Read more Essential Reading for Writers

Happy birthday, Philo

Phillip Parris (Philo) Lynott would be 67, if he'd lived. His birthday was celebrated two days ago and I posted a notice on my Facebook page. As a former music journalist, our paths crossed quite often but the first time I came across him was in 1972 when Thin Lizzy, then an unknown Irish rock…Read more Happy birthday, Philo