Saga – 500 word story

The call came after lunch.

‘Is this Mr Trevor of 18 Dominic Court, Dominic Avenue?’

‘Who’s this?’

‘Is this Mr Trevor of 18 Dominic…?’

‘Whoa, there, we could do this all day. Who is this?’

‘I have delivery for you, a package.’

‘Where are you?’


‘Where outside, I don’t see you?’

‘Are you Mr Trevor of 18 Dominic Court, Dominic Avenue?’

‘Yes, but’

‘I’m standing outside 18 Dominic Court, Dominic Avenue.’

‘No you’re not because I’m in 18 Dominic Court, Dominic Avenue and I’m looking at the gate and the street outside and there’s no-one there.’

‘I’m standing outside 18 Dominic Court…’

‘No, you’re not. Look, what is your name?’

‘I have a package for Mr Trevor of 18 Dominic Court. I’m going to mark this as undelivered and return it to the depot. You’ll have to collect it there, in person. Bring two forms of ID.’

‘Wait a minute, hello, hello?’

‘Hello, Post Office.’

“Oh hello, someone called me a few minutes ago telling me he was standing outside my gate with a package but when I looked out he wasn’t there but he insisted he was…’

‘How can I help you?’

‘Why would someone say they were outside my gate trying to deliver something when they weren’t there and then insisted they were and almost called me a liar…’

‘What is your address, sir?’

‘What? 18 Dominic Court, Dominic avenue.’

‘Are you Mr Trevor?’


‘Your package is here, sir, You can collect it anytime between 8.30am and 5pm, except from 12.30 to 1.30pm, when the depot is closed for lunch.’

‘Hang on, hang on. I was here all morning, waiting for that package. It’s 4.45pm. I won’t get there on time. I’ll have to collect it tomorrow.’

‘Yes, sir. Collection time for packages is anytime between…’

‘Hang on a minute. I know all that. What I want to know is why the guy didn’t deliver the package when I was here and he claimed he was here but he wasn’t?’

‘I don’t know. Your address is 18 Dominic Court, Dominic Avenue? Chiltern?’

‘Yes, what? No. No. I live in Avondale. 18 Dominic Court, Dominic Avenue, Avondale.’

‘Oh, well, he tried  Chiltern.’

‘But that’s not my address. I live in Avondale. Does the address say Avondale?’

‘No, it doesn’t.’

‘Well, does it say Chiltern?’

‘No, it doesn’t. He assumed…’

‘Assumed. Assumed, Are you fucking kidding me?’

‘There is no need to raise your voice or become abusive. He tried to deliver the package  but found no-one there so he returned it , undelivered. You will have to come and collect. Now, I’m sorry but it’s 5pm, this depot is closed. Goodnight, sir.’

He stood staring at the phone, listening to the disconnected tone for a couple of moments before he hung up. The phone rang then, just as soon as he restored it to its cradle.

‘Yes,’ he snapped.

‘Dad, is that you?’

His daughter, he answered, ‘yes’.

‘Are you ok? I’ve been trying to call you.’

‘I’m fine. It was just some delivery saga with the Post Office.’



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