World Photo Day

My grandson, Fionn, was born five years ago, today and this photo was taken on the morning he was born in a hospital in Wexford. It's pictures like these, not the fancy landscapes or the funny incidents or the fortuitous snap that caught an historic moment, that make World Photo Day worth celebrating. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,…Read more World Photo Day

Saga – 500 word story

The call came after lunch. 'Is this Mr Trevor of 18 Dominic Court, Dominic Avenue?' 'Who's this?' 'Is this Mr Trevor of 18 Dominic...?' 'Whoa, there, we could do this all day. Who is this?' 'I have delivery for you, a package.' 'Where are you?' 'Outside.' 'Where outside, I don't see you?' 'Are you Mr…Read more Saga – 500 word story