Today’s Special: Monsanto Nightmare

A New Paradigm, Alternative News, Monsanto Why the Government Refuses to Turn Against Monsanto a DARK post-it even wit dark text…put ur glasses on an join me in darkness says da’ Q In the video below, Funny or Die pokes fun at Monsanto’s “feeding the world” message by highlighting some of the most obvious […]

via Why the Government Refuses to Turn Against Monsanto — Quarksire


8 thoughts on “Today’s Special: Monsanto Nightmare

  1. oh wow:) thx fer da’ re-post, do the complete article for ur readers if’n ya wish,
    since monsanto has already killed this body of mine i thought i’d share so the next generation might be aware…Namaste’ Dermott frum da’ Q

  2. Excellent share, Dermott! I am a big fan of Seed Savers in Decorah, Iowa. They propagate, collect and store thousands of organic, heritage seeds in underground, temperature controlled vaults. They sell and share those seeds and set careful standards for collecting. Biodiversity, or lack of it and the risk that entails, needs to get on our radars quickly, not to speak of all the other issues with GMO’s.

    • Certain things piss me off, big time, Tanya, as you may have gathered by now. But when I have fun I have fun, so I wondered if you’d had a look at Triple Tragedy, Blogrief’, which I’m particularly proud of and would welcome your opinion?

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