Confession: S’Tonking Story, Mr Tonks

She said the words I knew I didn’t want her to say, for six long years I’ve managed to avoid any issues, avoid any problems, but tonight, of all nights she drops the words I never wanted to hear, but knew one day would come. “I’m in love with your sister!” She says quickly, giving […]…Read more Confession: S’Tonking Story, Mr Tonks

Today’s Special: Monsanto Nightmare A New Paradigm, Alternative News, Monsanto Why the Government Refuses to Turn Against Monsanto a DARK post-it even wit dark text…put ur glasses on an join me in darkness says da’ Q In the video below, Funny or Die pokes fun at Monsanto’s “feeding the world” message by highlighting some of the most obvious […]…Read more Today’s Special: Monsanto Nightmare


Richard M. Ankers, author of The Eternals, wrote something this morning. He said he trusted me, words he may live to regret. Richard's blog writings, brilliance in brevity, have inspired me to write stories in 50 words. None more so than Un-conjoined and free, published yesterday. So much so, after an exchange of comments, we…Read more TRIPLE TRAGEDY, BLOGRIEF