A Judge in Court

I downloaded this from The Marshall Project, a non-profit news organization covering the US Criminal Justice System https://www.themarshallproject.org Nonprofit journalism about criminal justice Opening StatementThe best criminal justice news from around the web, delivered daily. Bronx Criminal Court on 161st Street in New York City. Celina Fang for The Marshall Project Filed 10:00 p.m. 08.11.2016…Read more A Judge in Court


50 word story https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/confused/ 'I want insurance.' 'Yes, sir, what sort of insurance do you want?' 'I want insurance.' 'Yes, sir, I understand that but what do you want to insure?' 'Me.' 'Ah, you want life insurance?' 'And car and house.' 'So, you want comprehensive insurance?' 'How much?' 'It depends.' 'Go compare.' 'I'm confused.'


Two years ago, I launched the paperback edition of TITO'S DEAD, an event that was attended by many of my close friends and family and a whole bunch of great supporters who turned up to wish me well. Among them were Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley, Boyzone star, Keith Duffy,  former Irish film censor,…Read more LAUNCH or a WAKE?

Words of Mouth

Postcard from a Pigeon

It’s two years since I published TITO’S DEAD, my first novel. I didn’t know what to expect and yes, if I had it all to do again, I’d do it different. The good thing I can draw from its relatively dismal sales is, it’s still out there to be discovered.

Blogger Napoleon Nalcot https://ashegrowsup.wordpress.com/) reminded me of this when he sent me this wonderful comment, having read this post, Words of Mouth, which I wrote about two years ago. Anyway, Napoleon’s simple message told me everything about why I write. This is what he wrote, I guess Tito’s not dead. Because he lives in every word of the story you’re telling. I’m very grateful, Napoleon, for those words. I write because I want people to read.

So, here it is, unexpurgated. If you enjoy my writing, believe me, you’ll enjoy Tito’s Dead, where you can buy it for a…

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