It’s Complicated

50 word stories

‘Let me get this straight, you didn’t want her to know you were scared of heights, so you arranged to meet her on the viewing deck of the Empire State and she agreed to meet you even though she’s chronically agoraphobic? You’re either insane or madly in love.’ ‘It’s complicated.’

19 thoughts on “It’s Complicated

    • Why thank you, Lucy, I find myself enjoying them, more and more. They’re a bit like Wildean epithets, people can read a lot into them. Although I think, sometimes, they are a sad reflection on the age and attention spans. It’s as though the less one writes, the more’s read.

      I do find it addictive, though. The above paragraph, for example, has a 50 word count.

    • It’s a funny format because the word count must be precisely 50. I think it’s a throwback to my journalism days; less words, more meaning. I only started writing them three weeks ago. They’re fun.

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