Morbid Obsession

50 word stories. 'It moved. I'm telling you, it moved.' Everyone in the room exchanges a look, some openly doubtful, others disdainful, a few, surreptitiously, and still others with that look that hovers between tolerance and irritation. Finally, someone speaks, first, nudging the squished daddy-long-legs' carcass before saying, dismissively, 'You're obsessed, it's dead.'

Southern or Soul

Reblogged from michaelwtwitty at The only thing I enjoy more than reading about food, is eating it. I came across this story by Michawl W. Twitty and the photo stopped me, mid-scroll, so I dived in and read it, partly because the dish in the first photo reminded me, vaguely, of a dish with…Read more Southern or Soul

ORGANIC, story of a fire

It's strange how the mind works and the associations made in a creative burst. I was doing my weekly shopping in an organic market in The Liberties on a square called Newmarket where a new distillery was being constructed. The previous evening I had sampled a new drink called 'Flaming Pig' which celebrated the Dublin…Read more ORGANIC, story of a fire