Fangs for the Memory

50 word stories

‘I tell you they were huge, monstrous and vicious, too. They had fangs, sharp and shiny, like shards of glass and their eyes, close set,  bulging,  glowing; nostrils that flared,  and whistled. I ran, ran like crazy.’ His mother nodded, listening, kissing him, says, maybe it was a nightmare?

15 thoughts on “Fangs for the Memory

  1. Hehe, I just get carried away sometimes. I’ve just outlined, briefly, two new novel ideas in between our comments. So, thank you, it’s one of the things I value about WordPress, that ability to tap one’s subconscious through the stimuli of prompts and comments

  2. maybe it was a nightmare?

    or a vision of his future ex-girlfriends?…

    This actually was quite a scary picture you painted with those words, Dermott! I was imagining the hound of the baskervilles multiplied…

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