Padraig Duggan, the musical director of 1916, Souls of Freedom, died this morning. Padraig’s contribution to this production went far beyond the incredible music and the song, Éist, that he gave us. He contributed his enthusiasm, his experience and his broad knowledge but, above all, he gave us his spirit, in his music, yes, but also in his drive to encourage us, to keep going, to finish, to do the best we could. So long, Padraig.



12 thoughts on “Slan leat, Padraig

  1. RIP Padraig Duggan.

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  2. Ah, but it is his spirit that makes it art and makes it true and thus it shall beat on carrying him on through time. He was also a poet, I hear it in his work even though I never encountered him until now. Thank you! Léa

      • Awards can be important to some. However, it is his spirt that he has infused in all who hear him that will last so much longer. Well done! I do thank you for the introduction. Léa

      • You’re very welcome, Lea. I’ve been working with and have known all the members of Clannad for close on 35 years. I was very sad to hear of Padraig’s death but, as you say, his spirit lives on in his music

      • And what a GRAND legacy it is! Thank you for sharing it with those of us who were not so fortunate. I do appreciate it. While I’ve not yet had the good fortune to visit The Emerald Isle, I do have a wee drop of it in me. My grandfather’s mother was an Irish Lass who married a Scotsman. They went to London and had their large family there. My grandfather married a Cardiff girl and off to Canada… as so many did after the war. Thanks again Dermott.

      • I’m honoured to introduce someone to the music of Padraig or Clannad. It was a big deal for him to give a song and music to such a small budget, no-account, short film as ours.

      • The echo of his soul rings so clear and true. He was a poet in word and in music a true gift that will not end. A gift to all who will hear. Thank you my friend! I do hope one day to visit Ireland and surround myself with its music, words and people. Léa

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