Slan leat, Padraig

Padraig Duggan, the musical director of 1916, Souls of Freedom, died this morning. Padraig's contribution to this production went far beyond the incredible music and the song, Éist, that he gave us. He contributed his enthusiasm, his experience and his broad knowledge but, above all, he gave us his spirit, in his music, yes, but…Read more Slan leat, Padraig

Portrait of my Father 50 word story He'd have been 94, if he'd lived to his next birthday, in 16 days. Every morning, when I wake, I remember him. His photos are scattered around; in a group with his grandchildren and great-grandsons, in a wedding party with Martha, my mother, the love of his life. He's always smiling.

Surruralism, the art of Jimmy Lawlor

Surruralism is a phrase I've heard coined by Westport artist, Jimmy Lawlor, who's paintings combine surrealism with an acutely realised sense of Irish country humour. Skies the Limit is not a classic example but it is a copy of the limited edition print I bought as a wedding present for my good friend, Jimmy Molloy…Read more Surruralism, the art of Jimmy Lawlor

Ghost in a Bar   50 word story So this ghost walks into a bar, causing everyone there to clear out, in a hurry. Except the bartender, who stands there, nonchalant, wiping the bar down, collecting dirty glasses. The ghost says to the bartender, 'I'd like a whiskey." The bartender, unperturbed, replies, "Sorry, we don't serve spirits."

Caged Heat by Matthew Tonks

It was Tuesday, I think, I’m not really sure anymore, but let’s say it was Tuesday when she first showed up, looking like she had just walked out of a Victoria Secrets catalogue, all hot and tempting. I’ve never been one to back away from anything, and she, was not going to be the first, […]…Read more Caged Heat by Matthew Tonks