Signs of the Time #14

In more than fifty years of awareness of US presidential elections, has there ever been one as divisive or vicious as this one? Last night, Trump threw a baby out of one of his rallies. When I head that, I asked, what? He threw himself out of his own rally? As for Hillary Clinton, it appears her Wall St chums and the email indiscretions pale by comparison with her role in the support of Isis in Syria, during her time as secretary of State. It appears US voters are stuck between a Turd and a Hard Bitch. That’s why this qualifies for Signs of the Time. In Dublin, guests of a Dublin city centre budget hostel can piss on Donald Trump and business, by all accounts, is booming. An Australian street artist who painted a picture of Hillary Clinton in a swimsuit, stuffed with dollars, replied to censure from the local council by cladding her in a naqib. Now The Simpsons have got in on the act with a skit about Marge and Homer’s 3am pre-election indecision. Finally, I’ve added a post from Facebook by psychic, Zak Martin , who argues in favour of Trump’s election, if only to thwart Clinton and the corporate status quo she represents. Be careful what you wish for because, according to President Obama, Trump is simply not fit for office.


Following the DNC and GOP conventions, the gloves – and everything else, apparently – are off in the race for the White House. The budget  Adelphi Hostel on Dublin’s Lower Gardiner St has given its customers an opportunity to urinate on GOP candidate, Donald Trump. What next? A Trump Dump, perhaps, for those who want to go the whole hog?



Credit: Photo of the day by @otrosnosotros

Melbourne street artist, Lushsux, responded to a local city council’s request he removed his mural of Hillary Clinton in a swimsuit by covering her with a niqab. A clear cover up…


Not to be outdone, The Simpsons, got into the act with another scathing cartoon depicting Marge and Homer’s 3am dilemma on the eve of election, or should that be Destruction?

Finally, here’s an analysis by psychic Zak Martin, posted on his Facebook site,

I really want Trump to become US president. If Hillary wins – as “arranged” – it will be business as usual. More invasions. More bombing campaigns. More support for terrorist-apartheid Israel. More support for IS. And the cheerful and imminent prospect of a direct military confrontation with Russia.

Let’s see, what else does Hillary support? Oh yes, fracking. TTIP. Bombing Iran. Escalating the “war on terror” and introducing more restrictions on freedom of speech, freedom of travel and freedom of expression. Increased surveillance. Tighter government control of the internet. The construction of a border fence to keep illegal immigrants out (you thought that was just Trump? Noo. Hillary *voted* for that already).

I want to see both Democrats and Republicans running around like headless chickens. I want Americans to realize just how fucked up their system is, and how effectively they’ve been brainwashed by their media. If having Trump as their president doesn’t wake them up, and sober them up, nothing will.

Electing Trump would bring the whole farce that is American politics to a head, and it needs to be brought to a head. America is long overdue a shake-up. I see the election of Donald Trump as the catalyst that could change the face of American politics and restore a semblance of commonsense and democracy to the process of government.

Obama is behind Hillary. The multinationals are behind Hillary. Israel is behind Hillary. The media are behind Hillary. The banks are behind Hillary. The entertainment industry – including all those so-called “subversive” comedians and talk-show hosts – is behind Hillary. Today The Simpsons “endorsed Hillary” (which shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the Simpson creators have previously endorsed Israel). In short, the entire Establishment is rooting for Hillary.

The only fly in the Hillary brigade’s ointment – the element they didn’t foresee and haven’t been able to control – is the popularity of Donald Trump. And that’s why I want him to win. And yes, I know exactly what he is, so you don’t need to remind me. But for all his many, many faults and shortcomings, he is the only viable challenger to the US status quo, and to a selection process that has nothing at all to do with democracy. The issue is bigger than Trump. The issue is corporate government with the media in its pocket. And how long could Trump possibly last as president anyway? About ten minutes, would be my guess.


In more than fifty years of awareness of US presidential elections, has there ever been one as divisive or vicious as this one? That’s why this qualifies for Signs of the Time.


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