Penelope Parker, the prickly girl from Peckham, meets the Precocious Pangaloo from Puddelonia.

Persevering , pernicious , pulchritudinous, poetry, reminiscent, of the rhymes and rhythms of Dr Seuss and Shel Silverstein but with a unique slant of her own, Cheryl Diane Parkinson

Ms Cheryl Diane Parkinson

Puddelonia: a place that none do speak,

Where persons were not permitted to peek,

For people were thought of as pernicious punks,

Polluting, profaning, poisonous skunks!

Peculiar Puddelonianswere pint-sized; petite,

So small they could slip in the pleats of the streets,

Puddles of Peckham lay wet on the floor,

battered by rain as it splattered and poured.

Swelling the dwelling; the puddles of Peckham,

You’d think the out-pouring of raindrops would wet ‘em!

Puddelonians loved the rain to come through,

Cos spectacular Puddelonia, grew and then grew.

The more it poured and pelted of rain,

The brighter and sunnier Puddelonia became.

And, in private spectralpresence, there lived,

A Pangaloo of Puddelonia! And his name was Viv.

He shimmered and shone; the Puddelonians pride,

And he peppered and sprayed so well that they cried!

He showered with pinks and…

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