16 thoughts on “50 Word Story, published

    • Oh, it’s not that big an event but if it makes story of the week, then I get paid and they publish only 14 a week or two a day. I like this 50 word story format. It’s very precise and disciplined. Check out ‘Blogger’s Dreamtime’. I was lying in bed this morning at 7am and scrolling through posts in the ‘short story’ tags. Two stories I read, almost one after the other, were about dreams, drugs and nightmares. So I started writing this comment on the second one and right there, it occurred to me to copy and paste the comment and finish it off as a 50 word story. It got weirder, because I’m still in bed and writing this on an iPhone. I got up around 8am, turned on my laptop and looked at the piece I’d written, thinking I’d have to make a couple of adjustments to bring it to or edit it down to 50 words. No such thing. It was exactly 50 words. Weird.

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