why i stayed a virgin in campus

Remarkable story by a young journalism student from Kenya, first published November 2015


It sound pretty insane and unbelievable piece. Yeah, I understand. I have maintained campus ‘virginity’ for my four year course. My colleagues never agreed with me every time I declare the state.
I enrolled in campus some years back, to be precise,2012. With indispensable dreams of hitting high at the academic parameters. An innocent boy well anchored with good village morals.
In campus, the first weeks were just amazing. The mingling experience was inevitable. Though as time rolled up, rumors called in that there was a list of infected lads, with incurable disease. The astonishment numbed me.
Perhaps for those who don’t understand the campus game. It is only in campus that freedom is freedom. You choose whatever makes you feel at ease. There are no restrictions, though answerable to your fee-payers.
Back to my list. One lady claimed to have infected more than a hundred male students within three…

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30 thoughts on “why i stayed a virgin in campus

    • You think so? I saw this article in a drop down menu page of this young man’s blog and, without reading the story, I only saw the headline and thought, that was it, like it was some of ironic commentary on the notion of student virginity. Not so, then I read the story and yes, I did think ‘condoms’ myself, but I don’t want to make such a glib assessment (I’d already messed up by not reading the story in the first place), without any understanding of the cultural context.

      • Yep I know what you mean …..but it’s all very well blaming the disease ridden temptresses:D:D:D
        Hmmmm ….and if they ARE disease ridden how did they get so?
        Ok …Ok …one solution is to remain a virgin ….the other is for the guys to step up …take some responsibility and ALWAYS carry a condom just in case …simples!

      • I know that, you know that and, quite possibly, he knew that, too. The point is, I don’t know and, as far as I was concerned, he’s just some young journalism student testing his writing skills. The girl, according to his story, got infected by someone who didn’t tell her he was carrying the infection.

      • I doubt, if his description of his own background is any indication, a conversation with his parents regarding contraception or even fornication, has ever or was every likely to occur.

      • EXACTLY!!!
        And my guess is there’ll be some kind of misguided Macho refusal to consider taking responsibility for protection of both parties both in terms of STDs and/or unwanted pregnancy

        Open up the debate …folk have sex …it’s natural …PARTICULARLY young people who have left the confines of the family home and are living on campus with lots of other young people …hormones raging and all that:D:D:D

      • My dear, there is no debate to open, you’re preaching to the choir. And I doubt if machismo, but can’t say categorically, has anything to do with this circumstance.

      • Yep your probably right …young people all over the world are questioning …and seem to be asking the RIGHT kinds of questions if you ask me …particularly in the blogosphere …it is partly thro them that I still have faith …you know …breaking down global barriers ….seeing thro the crap ….the Internet is an AMAZING thing…. especially the blogosphere:):):):):):):)

      • Dermott …just had an exchange with a lad called Robert Okabi I have a mutual follow with …I have asked him what country he is in as I opened his today’s post and nearlly fell on the floor laughing …he says it is part of a blog challenge he is doing the emphasis being to grab attention through controversy ….some serious some just daft and funny apparantly ….I think he’s in Nigeria but I’ll let you know:)

      • Sorry Dermott he’s in bloody Texas which is a tad disappointing :D:D:D …..Ah well …think I’ll have a glass of wine with you …oops no I don’t drink …ok …off to make a brew then and sort the washing out:D:D:D

      • Yes ….and I thought with that name he was African ….you just can’t tell what’s what in the blogosphere sometimes ….it’s FULL of suprises :D:D:D
        One being that I do in fact live the life of a Nun Dermott …yes …yes …we still exist in some quarters:D:D:D

      • If the young author writing this post is just testing his journalism skills …he sure knows how to write an attention grabbing headline tho and open up the debate:)

      • Well, exactly. In my original comment on it I only read the headline and thought he was having a laugh. I thought it was a giggle. He came back asking me what I meant by ‘no content’, like what did he do wrong, so I went and had a second look and realising my mistake, read it, got back to him and apologised for my mistake and then offered to reblog it as, on a full reading, I found it really interesting as it gives a first hand view of a culture about which I know very little. Note how he speaks of the ‘very moral village’ from whence he comes.

      • Yeah well we ALL know what ‘very moral’ can mean don’t we? ….I mean look at the Catholic Church ….Ooooops sorry …done it again …better whisk me off and stone me:D:D:D

      • I’m not an apologist for any religion or religious belief, nor a participant, either. This is bizarre. I’m having a conversation about werewolves with a 70 year old lady in Switzerland, talking about sexual morals among Kenyan students with you, with a religious sidebar and five minutes ago, talking to an American girl about people who betray you. There’s never a dull moment.

      • Ha haa …it’s GREAT the blogosphere isn’t it Dermott?….it’s like a great big thought universe circling the globe …I LOVE the different cultural perspectives …beware Blogaddiction tho Dermott ….I’m not sure there’s an equivalent for a condom to protect you from it:D:D:D

      • I know. I’ve written half a chapter of a book I’m working on but spent most of the day having the weirdest, funniest, most fascinating exchanges. This lady in Switzerland – she’s 70, speaks German, French and she’s a Cockney Londoner – used an expression I found hilarious, to describe a woman she encountered in her local butchers. She said she was ‘‘a grey haired sinewey lady, with a determined look on her face hair growing on her teeth,’ alone. So, I said, ‘I can offer some advice here, never argue with a wolverine. They are very territorial and, if challenged, quite vicious, too.’

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