I’m Sorry

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/apology/ 50 word story He woke up, aggrieved. There's no other word for it. Well, outraged might fit or discombobulated, now that might be better. Especially since, he found no cause for grievance, or anger, either. Pride, then, was the cause, and all he had to do was say, I'm sorry.

why i stayed a virgin in campus

Remarkable story by a young journalism student from Kenya, first published November 2015


It sound pretty insane and unbelievable piece. Yeah, I understand. I have maintained campus ‘virginity’ for my four year course. My colleagues never agreed with me every time I declare the state.
I enrolled in campus some years back, to be precise,2012. With indispensable dreams of hitting high at the academic parameters. An innocent boy well anchored with good village morals.
In campus, the first weeks were just amazing. The mingling experience was inevitable. Though as time rolled up, rumors called in that there was a list of infected lads, with incurable disease. The astonishment numbed me.
Perhaps for those who don’t understand the campus game. It is only in campus that freedom is freedom. You choose whatever makes you feel at ease. There are no restrictions, though answerable to your fee-payers.
Back to my list. One lady claimed to have infected more than a hundred male students within three…

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Writing and Reading

Read and write, write and read. These are the only words of advice I would ever offer anyone who wants to write. Read, so you learn how other writers go about telling stories. Not a day goes by without encountering at least half a dozen blogs offering advice or links to books that will tell…Read more Writing and Reading