Work in Progress

A young writer with a whole lot to say and a great ability to say it

Rebecca Sprauer

Your cramped, sweaty loft is your home away from home; your most frequented place being Bullseye Coffee, the only coffee shop you are habitually devoted to, out of the eighty-four other coffee shops grounded in Springfield, Missouri. Also found at Bullseye Coffee includes: skinny dudes with skateboards covered in stickers that say things like, SK8 OR DIE, Death Wish, Vans, Nirvana, Blow Me; girls dressed in all black with eyeliner that doesn’t seem to have a point of resolution, but mysteriously appears trendy and elegant, a style you’ve attempted and decided failed when you looked like you were auditioning for a role of angsty goth girl number five even despite your often colorful clothing; vagrants who need a glass of water, a couple dollars, or conversation with the baristas, who were welcoming despite slurred speech and poor conversational skills; the kind of people who clue a whole room in on…

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4 thoughts on “Work in Progress

      • I would like to finish a short story with it! I’m counting on finishing a draft here soon within the week, fingers crossed. (Which I will of course upload and welcome any feedback!!)

      • I don’t like rules and I certainly don’t have any that I follow. Sometimes when I write a story, I know exactly what to write, before I start. Other times, I start writing without any notion of where it’s going to take me. A week ago, I wrote a story called ‘Why Me?’ that had been in my head for two years or more, locked away. I needed a key to unlock it and I found it with a writers’ challenge prompt, ‘memory’. I don’t know if I’d do what you do, Rebecca, putting your stories out front as drafts but, to each their own. If you need some commentary, you know where To find me.

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