Nothing small happens in her life. It has always been so, since as long as she can remember. She checks her makeup, wondering, too much, too little? Lipstick, she decides and chooses a scarlet shade, Estée Nectarine. Hair? Perfect. Outfit? A tailored black dress, neat, purposeful. Here’s the bus.

13 thoughts on “Dramatic

  1. The last sentence adds a true punch. A sudden end. Makes the reader feel the character is about to go on stage. What’s important about this night? Then there’s a forlorn element relevant to this time we live in…Catching the bus, no car, no taxi, catching the bus.
    (PS:Haven’t forgotten your earlier recent stories, I’m trying to find the time to read them and reply….retirement? Ha!)

    • Thank you for taking the time. It was a daily prompt response and I wrote the first sentence to begin a short story, had a flash, I’ll do it in 50 words, then that whole drama queen whirl and flurry…

      • Twenty five years of training in the hard knocks school of freelance journalism – you learn how to say everything you need to say in as little time and space as possible

      • No there’s my problem.
        40 years of service in Her Majesty (Gor’ Bless ‘Er)’s Civil Service translating arcane govt legislation into recognisable English and thus explaining why someone can’t have what they want does lead to wordiness
        (“You can’t have it. Tough!” Just doesn’t work)

      • Haha, yes, I see what you mean. I used to love sending letters to civil servants, aware, of course, they’re first imperative was to reply to correspondence, hence, a delay and hopefully, victory or, at least, a stay of execution. In my early days of freelancing, too, I wrote pamphlets and brochures for banks and insurance companies, advertising copy and, on one memorable occasion, the two came together. An ad agency said their client, an insurance company, wanted to advertise a new funeral and burial policy for over 50s clients in a religious newspaper. I suggested they publish a picture of a blank headstone in a verdant setting, sunshine, flowers, even twittering birds and on the headstone they engrave the words, ‘REST ASSURED’.

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