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I could go on but I’d prefer, if after liking these posts about Steinbeck, you go back and read my own post, In Dubious Battle, a beacon beckoning and comment


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9 thoughts on “The Writer

  1. Hmmmm ….need to read your full Steinbeck post Dermott but can’t get on your site this way …will try again later …good ‘food for thought’ stuff tho …and explains a LOT if you ask me:)

  2. Yep ….have just read …I must say have not read too much fiction …the only book of Steinbecks is East of Eden …However, really enjoyed your post on ‘In Dubious Battle’ ….must read it and if possible see the film …I feel the quote re ’embarrassed millionaires’ says SO much about American culture and the culture we have also bought into ….it places a burden of guilt, shame and worthlessness on individuals ….communities ….a ‘blame culture’ for being poor …and the ULTIMATE stroke is currently coming from the likes of Mr Trump …oh if only he was just hot air coming from someone’s rear end ….alas NO ….he is playing an extremely cruel and damaging game of setting up poor communities against each other ….playing the race card ….AND they seem to be buying it ….thing is I doubt very much if any of the ordinary folk will be winners in Trumpworld ….no ….the likes of super capitalists like Trump are purely into feathering their own nests only ….I think they are probably realising they are the ‘Old guard’ ….in fear …..SO they pull out all the stops to CREATE fear in others ….clever really ….anyway ….Thankyou for this one Mr Hayes and goodnight.

    Can I just say tho Dermott ….that only some of your posts appear in my reader I don’t know why? ……and if I get onto your site proper I can only ‘like’ and not comment
    Just thought I’d say as others may be having the same problem ….unless you’re doing it on purpose of course in an attempt to stop me ruining your blog with emojis :D:D:D:D

    • No, not in the least. I want comments/critiques. The only thing that’s worse than being talked about etc. All channels should be open for comment. It can be tricky if you’re using a phone but if a blog appears in your Reader, then you should double click on the blog to get to the site, itself. Steinbeck is an interesting character and a testimony to the fact that being a communist was never ‘un-American’ until the media, big business and Sen Joe McCarthy, made it so. It’s why, although Steinbeck won the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes for literature, only a select number of his books are celebrated, like Grapes, Eden, Of Mice and Men and Tortilla Flat. They’ve ‘forgotten’ In Dubious Battle

  3. Yeah ….there’s a guy at work whose into the whole McArthyism conspiracy thing …..I must say …the older I get the more convincing it is ….I remember when Obama was elected president and we wept tears of joy in this house ….were worried he was going to be shot in the run up to the election but when he didn’t breathed a sigh of relief and thought maybe things ARE a changing …at last …BUT with what’s been going on in the US and UK recently and the death of Jo Cox ( YES Dermott I’m gutted AND suspicious but maybe I’m being ridiculous) but anyway ….I’ve gone from feeling really positive albeit sometimes a bit ‘righteous’ …to anger and despair ….there’s other stuff too like acts of Parliament getting through via ‘Royal Ascent’ …rather than proper procedure ….ANYWAY must sleep …otherwise we’ll start talking about a conspiracy of lizard beings taking over the world or something:D:D:D 😉

      • 60. Old enough to remember change. Shooting of Kennedy. Cuban missile crisis. Vietnam. Radio Caroline. Transistor radios. Honda 50s. Our currency has changed four times in my life. Dial up phones. Buttons A and B. The Beatles. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. John Glenn. Moon landing. Tet Offensive. (Still in the 60s). My point is about perspective.

      • Hmmmmm …..yep ….I guess said like that it does seem humanity has been on some kind of fast foreward through the latter 1/2 of the 20th and early 21st century ….unprecedented times ….akin to the industrial revolution I guess ….only maybe even MORE radical ….time will tell:)

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