8 thoughts on “Photos – into the west

      • I try to get at least one blog done, every day so I banged those out and then realised, it’s Wednesday, so I always do Signs of the Time and then I’m trying to respond to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt, every day this week so I’ve been struggling with a suitable story. And that’s just the start of my day…

      • I think you are doing great and nature pictures are always nice to share. Daily Prompt Is nice but I have never tried my self. I also try at least one blog everyday to keep the blog a live 🙂

      • Funnily, sometimes I think of the blog that way, as though it were an entity, in its own right, that I have to feed and water, like I would a plant or a pet animal. Generally, though, it’s because of my need to write, every day and sometimes posting photographs can provide inspiration for what I might write.

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