Kindle giveaway for writers

Someone might be interested in this, so I share…

Hi Authors,

As you know, we run all kinds of reader giveaways from $25 Amazon gift cards to HUGE $500 Holiday shopping sprees. But now we want to have a little fun with our first ever “author giveaway”.

This is a first for us, but we’re excited to giveaway a print copy of “How to Make a Living as a Writer” by James Scott Bell, and since many of you are already writing full-time, we’re also giving away a print copy of “Captivate Your Readers: An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction” by award winning editor, Jodie Renner.

As writers, we need to constantly train ourselves through reading and study if we want to improve and write the next bestseller, so we hope you join us in this easy giveaway to help promote our services to other authors you may know.

Here’s HOW You can Win one of these books….

1.) Share our subscribe link with your fellow author friends.

2.) If a NEW author subscribes, and adds you as the referral, and we draw the new authors name (from our list of NEW subscribers as of today), YOU BOTH WIN. It’s that easy. We’ll let each of you decide what book you want… take your pick!

Here’s an example of how you can share on Facebook or Twitter, or wherever….

WIN in a copy of How to Make a Living as a Writer by James Scott Bell. Just subscribe to @Kindlbookreview and add me as a referral. We could both WIN! Click here to subscribe ~>

WIN a copy of Captivate Your readers by Award Winning editor, Jodie Renner. Just subscribe @Kindlbookreview and add me as your referral. Sub here ~>

We’ll post the winners on August 7th.
If you have questions or comments please contact Jeff at

Good luck everyone and THANK YOU so much for sharing and helping us to help more authors promote their Kindle books!

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