Signs of the Time #12

Random Signs Week…just a collection of signs I’ve picked up, with my trusty iPhone 6 to hand and some I’ve borrowed from other, well tuned, observers.

A cobble stoned lane in Dublin’s city centre, imagine the calls home, ‘something’s come up’ or ‘I’m tied up.’


And then, inside a church on the west coast…an Amazing Place


Ronan Quinlan (

Follow the directions, carefully, it could lead to a …dead end.


Ronan Quinlan (

And now your mind is suitably boggled, maybe this will show you the way…

Can’t read that one? Maybe you’ve lost something?


And for the beer goggled among you, here’s that one (above) again.


2 thoughts on “Signs of the Time #12

  1. Hi Dermott

    Signs look good. It was even worse than that – the sign was not in the church grounds, it was in the middle of the main church, beside their sacred stations!



    +353 87 821 6175

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