Zebra Feet Syndrome


I’m trying to rid my feet of the dreaded, but little known, Zebra Feet Syndrome. It is caused by the excessive wearing of Jesus boots, or sandals, as they’re better known. You can see my efforts are beginning to bear fruit with the blossoming of lurid pink strips where there was once the lurid stripe of pale, white flesh.

Still, it could be worse. I’ve vowed not to venture out today, although if this pressure cooker heatwave persists, I could make a sortie to the off license to replenish my diminishing stock  of cold beer.

Meanwhile, the reading goes on. Having just finished John McEntee’s hilarious I’m Not One to Gossip, But…and Tanya Cliff’s Tales of the Valderan: The Prodigal Son. I’ve started reading The Journal of Bram Stoker, drawn from the manuscript of the Irishman’s personal diary, found ten years ago in the Isle of Man attic of his great grandson. I’m also toying with a return to James Lee Burke’s Cadillac Jukebox or Darrell Figgis’s short history of Irish dramatist, artist and poet, AE Russell. Those are the paperbacks, I’ve also got Kent Wayne’s Echo: Volume I and PS Bartlett and Ronovan Hester’s Amber Wake on my Kindle. I’m spoiled for choice.


12 thoughts on “Zebra Feet Syndrome

  1. I don’t drink beer, but I do have a bottle of prosecco chilling. We are in a bit of a heat wave here also, normal for this time of year. Thanks for the mention, btw!

    I think I’m going to add John McEntee to my read list…

    Talk about a feast of choices!

    • It’s a feast or a famine. I got some really weird news over the weekend. I made a short film last year and one of my collaborators brought an accountant into the crew to work as executive producer and raise some money. Turns out he was as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike or tits on a bull. He did nothing and I was glad to see the back of him. In fact, he appeared to disappear from existence. I found out why on Sunday when a journalist called me asking if I knew him. I asked her why? and she said he’s just spent eight months in jail of a three year sentence for witness intimidation in a particularly nasty case involving an alleged sexual assault and rape case. You never know.

      • I’ll write about the opening of an envelope but finding stuff that’s worthwhile, that’s the problem. At this very moment, I’m exchanging messages between one of my daughter’s and a row brewing between her and her ex-boyfriend regarding him putting photos of their son on Facebook with his new girlfriend. It’s a very tricky legal situation since they have no legally formal separation agreement and, in any case, she’s on thin ice if she thinks she can dictate his behaviour, regarding his son. She could, on the other hand, outline her misgivings to him but, instead, she’s threatened to restrict his access to his son. Ay, caramba

      • I’m not a big fan of Facebook for some of those very reasons. It can so easily be used as a tool to cause someone else harm…the drama…

        Good moment for a deep breath and a glass of wine (bottle of cold beer).

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