Fox in the Henhouse

Just months after the successful 2012 Olympics, Justine Greening – the new Education Secretary – backed the sell-off of six tennis courts, a football pitch and a playground belonging a local school in her Putney constituency, of which she was a governor: Justine Greening in school playing fields row Just months after the sale, the school […]

via New Education Secretary sold off school playing field to developer before handing school over to Tory peer — Pride’s Purge


9 thoughts on “Fox in the Henhouse

  1. Hmmmmm another interesting one Dermott ….thing is I expect corruption and dirty dealings these days ….it’s the norm ….still needs continually exposing tho ….maybe the tide is turning and folk will actually start to be held to account ….not holding my breath tho

      • It’s an inspired choice by Mrs May tho ….’RIGHT Boris YOU got us into this mess so let’s see you clean it up …Foreign Secratary for YOU!!!’ ….I’ve been falling about laughing about it all ….RIGHT …off to find this ere short story

      • Someone said today that they’re just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
        BoJo as Foreign Sec & keeping Hunt as Health Sec – just waiting for the other two ‘Horsemen’ to arrive! The Eton boys have gone wobbly so they’ve picked their Nanny as Boss

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