Signs of the Time#11

12+ Funny Voting Signs Express What People Really Think About These Elections

12+ Funny Voting Signs Express What People Really Think About These Elections

Trump and Hillary have the lowest favourability rating of practically any modern American politician, all the other Republican candidates have suspended their campaigns, and many claim that Bernie Sanders is Berning-up. What’s a voter to do during elections as troubled as these? Whose sign should grace your lawn?

Bored Panda, inspired by the “Everybody Sucks 2016” campaign, has put together this list of voting signs that either mock a certain candidate, or the whole electoral process in general. Which sign is most poignant? Vote, or submit your own hilarious voting sign pictures below!

#1 Subtle Anti-Trump Poster


3 thoughts on “Signs of the Time#11

  1. It is said that in democracies the people get the government they deserve.
    I’m not too sure what this means in the current UK or the USA circumstances, maybe that overall folk should never be apathetic about their voting privileges….. still thinking about that one.

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