50 Word Stories: Purgatory

A tribute to Richard Ankers, whose 50 Word Stories inspire me. The old woman's knees ached from kneeling, her heart from crying. She was waiting for the train to Heaven. She bought the ticket in Hell and expected to be waiting a while in Purgatory. But when they took away Limbo, she gave up. She…Read more 50 Word Stories: Purgatory

Herbs, Charms and Wise Women ~ Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland

My father was from Co Clare and I lived there for eight years, as a child. I spent summer holidays in my grandmother’s thatched cottage with a half door and an open turf fire, the crickets chirping in the thatch at night. Before we went to bed, she told us stories of Biddy Early, a great wise woman of Co Clare. The ruins of her old cottage still exist in Feakle.

Good Witches Homestead

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Lady Gregory

G. P. Putman’s sons, New York and London, 1920

Herbs, Charms and Wise Women

There is a saying in Irish, “An old woman without learning, it is she will be doing charms”; and I have told in “Poets and Dreamers” of old Bridget Ruane who came and gave me my first knowledge of the healing power of certain plants, some it seemed having a natural and some a mysterious power. And I said that she had “died last winter, and we may be sure that among the green herbs that cover her grave there are some that are good for every bone in the body and that are very good for a sore heart.”
As to the book she told me of that had come from the unseen and was written in Irish, I think of Mrs. Sheridan’s answer when I asked in what…

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12 Star Trek Gadgets that Now Exist

http://mentalfloss.com/article/31876/12-star-trek-gadgets-now-exist 12 Star Trek Gadgets That Now Exist    11K   Share John Brandon filed under: science, technology, tv Image credit: Getty Images Photo courtesy Memory-Alpha.org For geeks growing up in the 1960s, 80s and 90s, a vision of the future has been provided by one very successful television franchise: Star Trek. And the future, it…Read more 12 Star Trek Gadgets that Now Exist