A coherent and righteously angry analysis and indictment

The Negro Subversive

When I first read the name: Alton Sterling, I was scrolling down my Facebook feed at 11 pm after having worked an 8 hr shift. My first unbidden thought was: “Lord, why?” If this makes me sound religious, it shouldn’t, it is simply the result of cultural conditioning, itself conditioned by 400 years of being at the mercy of an unspeakably brutal power. Religious or not, one feels the urge to yell up into the sky, whether one expects an answer or not. I didn’t watch the video then, at the ripe old age of 25 I’ve finally learned to conserve my energy. I once thought I could absorb anti-Blackness with no emotional effect, I thought I could coldly contemplate, video after video, story after story. I once decided to follow-up every tale of police brutality which came across my line of sight and in barely a week I began…

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