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Sterling’s never been so hard, apparently, despite its recent limp showing on currency markets. It’s inspired Pounded by the Pound: Turned Gay by the Socioeconomic Implications of Britain Leaving the European Union, the first erotic novel about one man’s obsession with a £1 sterling coin.

by Adam Gabbatt (The Guardian)

Brexit has produced its first work of literature, in the form of an erotic novel depicting a relationship between a man and a “massive, sentient” pound coin.

Pounded by the Pound: Turned Gay by the Socioeconomic Implications of Britain Leaving the European Union is the latest novella from Chuck Tingle, the author of more than 50 sexually explicit science fiction stories.

In the book a giant floating pound coin, with an “incredible set of chiseled metallic abs” and a “thick golden rod”, takes 25-year-old Alex Liverbot one month into the future, offering a haunting vision of the UK a few weeks after the Brexit vote.

In London the Houses of Parliament are ablaze, the River Thames is “bubbling like the lava of a molten volcano”, and strange creatures “dressed [as] the Queen’s guard but with leathery reptilian wings and extended knifelike teeth” patrol the sky. Quadruple-decker passenger buses, introduced in a cost-saving measure by a desperate post-referendum government, have proven impractical and lie on their sides in the streets.

Against this dystopian backdrop Liverbot and the giant pound coin, which is called Perber and appears to have hands, a penis and some method of speaking aloud, strike up an unlikely relationship. Their coupling culminates with a breathlessly depicted sexual encounter in a London pub.

Tingle – the name is believed to be a pseudonym – has been honing his distinct take on erotica since January 2015, when his debut novel, Chuck’s Dinosaur Tinglers Volume 1, was released.
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A prolific writer, Tingle averages almost three books a month. He rose to fame over the last year after his work was nominated for a Hugo prize – a prestigious science fiction award – following an online campaign by the Rabid Puppies movement. The group campaigns against a perceived leftwing bias by Hugo award judges by voting en masse for male authors and criticizing female writers. Tingle disowned the Rabid Puppies earlier this year, and invited Zoë Quinn, a video game developer who has been the target of online harassment by Gamergate and the Rabid Puppies, to attend the Hugo awards ceremony in his stead.

Tingle’s work has been described as a parody of dinosaur erotica, a real sub-genre of literature which explores hypothetical sexual encounters between animals from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and human beings.

In recent months Tingle has expanded his ouevre, however, and exploring themes such as unicorns – in Hunter Dentist: Pounded in the Butt by Cecil the Handsome Unicorn – and inanimate objects, in Pounded in the Butt by my Handsome Ghost Boats.

In an email interview, Tingle said Pounded by the Pound took “seven or eight” hours to write, but conceded that many more hours had been spent on research.

The author, who in his correspondence displayed an eccentric interpretation of grammar and punctuation, warned that his stark vision for Britain’s future, including the distortion of the Queen’s guard and the ill-conceived adaptations to London’s public transport, could yet come to pass.

“Well the events of Pounded by Pound are only a month later so id say [it is] pretty realistic,” Tingle said.

“It makes sense that they would have to call in the reptile guards and also that all double decker bus[es] would need four stories to cut costs.”


3 thoughts on “Brexit stiff on sterling

  1. Being more Swiss than Anglo, I have never heard of this guy and to be quite honest his genre is not really mine. On the other hand, this sounds quite amusing in a strange way – I might try it. Had a look and for that price as a Kindle upload, why not. I have bought more expensive books that have turned into rubbish.

    • I haven’t read it. I only read that story in this morning’s Guardian and found it amusing – it doesn’t take much. There was another story, last week, about a man being sent off by a referee in a football match in Sweden – his offence? He farted.

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