7 thoughts on “Palace of Fruit

  1. I love places like this! Dane County (WI) has the largest producer-only (mostly organic) farmers’ market in the United States. It is run every Saturday around the square. That is where I do most of my veggie and fruit shopping for the week.

    Does this market run all year?

      • That explains why you didn’t get any shots inside. I thought about taking pics of our farmers’ market. The square in Madison is beautiful. I am always so busy buying produce. I think I need to go back down in the afternoon and take some photos.

        Good job with the photo capture!

      • If I want the good stuff, I have to get down to the market before 7 a.m. (the good produce is worth it!)

        Love to see the inside, if you get to it early enough.

      • I might do that. It’s relatively near to where I live but it’s north of the river, I live south. Have you been following Starman? I posted Starman #9, today, the penultimate episode. I intend to finish it next week, the grand finale.

      • I did. I really enjoyed it. I was in the midst of getting my next post up (and feeding my kids) and didn’t take time to comment. If I have time, I’m going to go back and give it another read. There was so much to think about in it (and a few things that made me laugh).

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