eur1As the British Labour party jackals round on their party leader, surely it is time they were jettisoned? Their voting history has a Blairite taint and they’re the last thing that party needs now.

Meanwhile, the cat is certainly set amongst the pigeons as Angela Merkel comes under pressure for a populist referendum on EU membership.

Brexit is gaining ground but, perhaps, for one reason only; disaffection.

I would hate to see Corbyn go but I would rather he made his position clearer. It is true that a reassuring voice with a plan could gain political ground, right now. As it was, I felt he stayed out of the Leave/Remain debate and left it to the two public schoolboy bullies to battle it out as their own pissing contest. The only problem is the stakes are so high. Corbyn should take the high ground, spell out this referendum for what it was then, playing the democratic man of the people, spell out this situation as an opportunity for Britain to get its act together and perhaps rally a European wide movement in favour of European reform, a populist movement, the Brussels Begums cannot divert.

Switzerland is a world of its own but it has maintained its shape because it is governed by its Cantons and a democartic system based on regular referenda. Harry Lime great comment in The Third Man springs to mind, ‘You know what the fellow said – in Italy, for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.’ This is Hollywood’s Switzerland, but the fact remains that for the Swiss, the system works. The British are not used to the Swiss form of direct democracy, however, which is why the use of a referendum to decide something ordinarily left in the hands of a sovereign parliament, has caused such shock.

How much do you bet people begin to remember that, in their efforts to have a second referendum to get the ‘right’ decision or simply ignore the first one and argue that it isn’t worth the paper people voted on?

I watched an Irish politician, Catherine Connolly T.D. last night make a very cogent point regarding the Brexit decision, “I can’t believe,” she said,  “what the Establishment have done, before, during and after Brexit, I am full of admiration for those people who have voted Brexit and stood up to such a terrible bullying campaign, I have no truck with racism but to judge the 17 million people in that manner does the person who says it no service or the people about whom they say it, no service, either, they stood up and said, ‘we see the EU for what it is, or, at least that what I took out of it. Is it the start of a new dawn? I don’t think so but it’s the first step in exposing the EU. I thought it was exposed when we were forced to re-run the Nice Treaty, I thought it was exposed when we were forced to re-run the Lisbon Treaty, I thought it was exposed during the financial crisis but unfortunately the Establishment, the politicians who were in power plus the Media, by and large, helped to stop that exposure. I think it’s exposed, again, now and I think it’s open for us to grab that opportunity and not let the right have the narrative or tell the story. It’s up to us to grasp it. How could you possibly say that the EU is good as it stands when we have a country where we have to get permission to build homes for our people, how can we possibly say this is a ‘social’ EU when it allows 10,000 minors go missing in Europe and we haven’t had one single urgent debate at EU level in relation to that? On top of that, we have the Lisbon Treaty, and I’m all for a social EU, this Treaty, which ~I canvassed against after reading it in detail, I hoped there was scope in that Treaty to bring out the social EU but that Treaty is all about the militarization of Europe, page after page, it’s in relation to the neoliberal agenda and its application in Europe. ” She made this statement on television after an incredible speech in the Dail (Irish House of Commons), yesterday. It was the most cogent argument I have heard, so far, in this whole debate/debacle.

Now let’s hope her word and the sane words of some others are heard and grasped and then turned in to a popular movement for change, a Europe for all the people that we can all believe in.

10 thoughts on “EU’re just too good 2b trUE

  1. A good and clear view of events in the UK.
    Yet, I am left ( unintentional irony) wondering why I feel betrayed and left down by all of the Labour Party, which ever faction. They have lost sight of their primary duty argue their case to the British Electorate in a manner which will convince the majority theirs in the truly representative way.
    When I saw a news items that the SNP was toying (think that’s the best way to describe it) of applying to be the Official Opposition, my first instinct was ‘Fine By Me’
    I feel like this because the memories of the Thatcher years are still very raw with me, another period when Labour was initially too tied up with its own doctrinal snapping matches and the rest of us were thrown to the predators.

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