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The United Kingdom is in Political Trauma following a national referendum decision to leave the European Union .

Emergency trauma centres are being set up in cities and towns from Land’s End to John o’Groats, to deal with the mass hysteria and shock caused by this unprecedented outbreak of democracy.

Unaccustomed to an outbreak as this, of epidemic, even pandemic proportions, public advice units have been set up to explain the concept of ‘throwing the baby out with the water’ and ‘Pyrrhic Victory’.

While the results of the United Kingdom show a majority of votes in favour of ‘Brexit’, the catchy slogan adopted by the rainbow group of conservatives, little Britons anti-immigration campaigners that has led the UK out of the EU, the irony of the results indicate the United Kingdom is far from united over the result.

A majority of voters in Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain in the European Union, creating speculation of a second referendum for Scottish independence while Sinn Fein, the minority ruling partner in Northern Ireland has called for a border referendum and for Northern Ireland to secede from the United Kingdom and join the Irish Republic, which has remained in the EU.

Security forces have been put on high alert, fearing further disruption as the implications of direct democracy sink in. While Prime Minister, David Cameron has announced his decision to resign, there is talk of an Emergency Government to preserve the sovereignty of Parliament and reject the referendum result.

Border forces of neighbouring countries, particularly the Republic of Ireland, are on high alert to deal with the expected flow of refugees, fleeing the Brexit devastation. Camps have been set up close to major border towns like Dundalk, Clones and Lifford to deal with the numbers expected.

Some commentators believe the referendum will not be the final word in the Brexit saga, however. As the United Kingdom will have two years to disconnect themselves from the Union, there is speculation that EU leaders will lure Britain back to the negotiating table to hammer out a new Euro deal, ‘not one as half arsed and undemocratic as the last one,’ according to one EU zealot.

You put your right leg in, put the left leg out, you do the hokey pokey, then you shake it all about…


6 thoughts on “Do the Hokey Pokey and Brexit

  1. American stocks dropped 610 points because of the British leaving the EU…makes me wonder why actually. And why on Earth did Mr Cameron decide to resign. just sign me one confused American

  2. Very wry! And like all good comments in this vein there is an element of truth.

    I’m in stats mode (40 years in the UK civil service, what do you expect?)….75% of the electorate voted; 51% of the 75% voted to leave…therefore 38% of the population voted to leave. Out of a population of 65,000,000; 24,700,000 wanted to go; the rest didn’t, were too young to have a say; or couldn’t care less or were too confused…. (mind you….that’s democracy….)
    Just saying…that’s all.
    We’re going to have to find a new name ‘United Kingdom’ is starting to sound odd; a little bit like those counties who called themselves The Democratic…. and are anything but.

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