Day 39 in Mathew Tonks’ epic short story journey

My Twisted Road To Madness

“That’s it, that’s my catchphrase,” he says as he looks down on her naked, sweaty body, as he grips her breasts and continues to thrust into her.
“Bitch please, is not a cat-catchat… Oh god I’m cumming, harder, fuck me harder!” She yells, he thrusts back and forth quicker and harder as she screams in ecstasy, he feels a gush of warm fluid splash over his groin and he too lets loose, burying himself deep as he reaches orgasm, and then collapses beside her, sweat running off them both, for a few moments they lie there, both trying to catch their breath.
She pushes him off her and grabs a cigarette from a packet on the bedside table and lights it up, taking a long, deep drag.
“Bitch please is so not your catchphrase Sammy,” she says as she hands him the cigarette.
“What? Why not?” He asks taking a…

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