Last night, after reading Elan Mudrow’s wonderful poem, Pulse of Hate ( I was reminded of a song I wrote once for a friend of mine, (who died before the music was finished, but that’s another story) called Dying to Believe. So, as people die, daily, in the name of hate and religion, here it is, a song about the horrifying irony of religious beliefs that would have us die to believe.


Dying to believe

Bad news woke me this morning
on an FM radio show
five children blown up
on their way to school
for the love of God
for the God they love
Shake me to my knees
Am I ready to believe?

People dying in the streets
Some are waiting for the end
There are no surprises
it’s all between the sheets
If you have faith in anything
You’re dying to believe

Kill me with faith
Beat me up with the truth
Lay me out with the evidence
I m dying to believe

As sure as day follows night
Where there’s a will
There’s a fight
Let Allah, Buddha, Jesus and Jehovah
Bear witness
We’ll all die
Unless there’s someone there to cry

Kill me with faith
Beat me up with the truth
Lay me out with the evidence
Im dying to believe

You don’t need bombs or guns
Write it on a blank page
Ignite it with religion
Watch it burn with rage

I wanna die to say something
I wanna live for the dead
I wanna make the dead live
While you

Kill me with faith,
Beat me up with the truth
Lay me out with the evidence
I’m dying to believe

If there’s something to believe in
Then there’s hope in our hearts
But when dying is believing
We don’t know where to start

I believe in summer days
When we can sit in the sun
I believe in cold winter nights
When our home fires burn

I was an island alone
sitting on a fence
there were tears in the alleys
pain in the shanty towns
but I was a nomad in the desert
until you taught me a lesson
’bout how living is loving,
and there’s no crying ’bout dying
Just fear ’bout caring

Point me in the right direction
Tell me what I should do
It should be easy to convince me

‘cos I’m dying to believe in you

Kill me with faith
Beat me up with the truth
Lay me out with the evidence
I’m dying to believe

Lyrics: Dermott Hayes©

3 thoughts on “Dying to Believe

  1. Too many people use their “religion” as a mask or even an excuse for the hatred in their hearts. Real love just cares for people where they are. On 9-11, one of my best friends was evacuated from the FedEx building. She helped an injured woman who had been in the trade towers find a bus to escape, while she walked out on foot. It was more than a year before she could return to the site.

    She is Muslim.

    • Believe me, Tanya, I know all about religion and politics. As for the so-called West vs Islam conflicts that began with the Crusades, well, that’s only ever been about power and wealth and it’s the mugs, the foot soldiers on either side, who’ve been sold the ‘true faith’ bullshit and died and continue to die, to believe it

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