PorterGirl’s Journey into Joyce

Forget what I said about the last chapter being the strangest – this is definitely stranger. I struggled a bit with this one, but I think the overall gist is that this talks about lots of characters and places, through the guise of a pub quiz. It took me quite a while to come to […]…Read more PorterGirl’s Journey into Joyce

Nothing’s ever what it seems

Miss Brown’s daily preparation began with a sweeping entrance as she crossed the classroom to the dais in five brisk paces. She plonked her handbag – usually one of the black patent variety that were then so de rigeur – on the seat and in one elegant turning motion, began the morning prayer with a…Read more Nothing’s ever what it seems

What makes a Story? Guest Writer: Tanya Cliff

Dermott Hayes challenged me with an open-ended prompt: Define what I think makes up a good short story and pull a work of his apart against that measure. My definition of a good short story is simple: Does the story hold my attention? By that definition, a good “short” takes many forms: six-word staccatos, elegant…Read more What makes a Story? Guest Writer: Tanya Cliff