10698427_10153171973877119_8882662399314670452_nThe bell ringers of St Patrick’s Cathedral are working overtime, this morning. One solid hour of teeth rattling, clanging, from the 12th century cathedral, 150 yards from where I live, has risen me, like Lazurus. They finished with a five minute, orchestral and climactic frenzy, that has loosened my bowels and heaven knows, what else.I write this, blissfully, in silence. If you have the good fortune to live between two, early Middle Ages, cathedrals, you understand the sound of silence.




One thought on “The bells, the bells…my bowels

  1. Didn’t know that sort of Cruelty is still allowed, and that too in the West! Hmmm, without living between two cathedrals of that sort, I do understand the meaning and value of Silence.

    In India, particularly the South, they have month long festivals, during which You can have, whether You like it or not, songs Blared at You from powerful Loud Speakers, from about 5 AM to 11 PM! That’s life for You!

    Regards. 🙂

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