The postBot caught him off guard. Notices are usually received by psychImp and directed, by GrUnCo, to individual Units, or generally, to every Unit. This PostBot has turned up, on his doorstep, unannounced.

He just had time to put the Tablet away in an alcove of the Craft, he was yet to explore. Turning up at his CraterProx dwelling was odd but at the Crater of Density, his workplace, that was serious.

The postBot brought a summons to ReAs. “What for?” he asked, saying he was busy, not to be disturbed, had to finish, but he knew the postBot wasn’t going to answer but was programmed to record and assess. “OK,” he said, “I must complete this task and I will follow.” The postBot wasn’t moving. This was serious.

Had he given something away? Were they alerted? Did they know he was not reassembled, that he broke the rules, made complications that will lead to contention? He measured his thoughts, carefully. He’s so outside the Unit life, he feels like an alien.

He needs to buy time. The dwarf star was already fading and the last of the full moons were already high, it would be time for ReAs soon, if only he can delay this summons.

The Starman wasn’t coming, he knew that now. He knew Major Tom was the first emissary. But Major Tom was lost. He wasn’t the last they sent. It was all recorded in the chronicles of the Tablet. Major Tom’s craft and all the other exploratory emissaries sent back what they found, even when their Units had expired.

By the time the information reached them, though, their own planet, Earth, was ready to implode, sucked dry and devasted by their own actions. So they built the Tabernacle and blasted into the void, their destination, TrappistOne, a final fling for survival of their species.

Their intention was not as blind as the stab in the dark it appeared. The craft, The Tabernacle was powered by one QuantumBot. This, the Tablet told him, was not just the mechanism to pilot their journey across the vast expanse of the Universe, it was also the failsafe they designed, to ensure their survival, in the event of a mishap.

To succeed, they would control memory and if they could control memory, they would control desire.

But QuantumBot, Abraham knows, is the same Bot mechanism that devises, controls, assimilates and assesses all activity, now, on TrappistOne. Something did go wrong and The Tabernacle crash landed here, in the Crater of Density.

The Tablet Chronicles was not just a detailed record of Earth’s story, it was also a blueprint of all the factors that led to its destruction and a plan for how these problems would be avoided, if and when they found a new home. The Earth people intended to work together to build a world where everyone had what they needed to survive, but that survival would be dependent on them working together. To succeed, they would control memory and if they could control memory, they would control desire.

Their objective was freedom, the Tablet Chronicles declare. And that was where Abraham was stumped and why he needed more time. but it was too late now. Unable to delay the postBot any longer, he followed it outside to the waiting truckBot. They climbed in and the truckBot sped off. In seconds the Crater of Density was a speck and within minutes, they were at ReAs.





TRAP3          3-obsession/

21 thoughts on “Starman: Life on TrappistOne #4

  1. Dermott! This is getting better and better. I am going to share it on Facebook as a serialized WQWWC post! I love how you were able to weave the theme of freedom into your story! Right ON! ❤

  2. “Turning up at his CraterProx dwelling was odd but at the Crater of Density, his workplace, that was serious.”

    I think I am going to put a sign on my office door, “the Crater of Density”. I agree with Silver Threading (Colleen), this just gets better and better!

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