In the paradox of social networks, the more cyber friends we make, the less social, we become

Postcard from a Pigeon


I posted a thought,
it flew away
through dark, cavernous
to bump and grind
with other lonesome thoughts,
in the hotbeds of social fretworks
and worried then,
where it might go,
unguided, misunderstood,
to liaise, frolic and fret,
argue, debate,
in a world of posts,
away from me
gone, awaiting its return,

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8 thoughts on “Social fretworking

  1. That’s insightful. Opens up my mind to why so many people post stupid or provocative stuff; it’s the only way they can be sure of contact.
    I never thought of it that way.

    • I’m rather chuffed, Roger. This is my first poem to get any outside recognition. The Wildsound festival doesn’t pay but they chose my poem from a bunch of entries under the ‘social’ theme. Now they will have an actor ‘perform’ the poem for their website.

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