It’s a warm day so I got up, really early, don’t laugh, about 7.30am. Did my usual thing, medicine, shower, dressed. Then, coffee and some toasted germagrain, smeared with beetroot hummus and half an avocado. I know, get him. Then I sat down and tuned in, got Cab Calloway going on the stereo and, coffee in hand, entered the blogosphere, the Reader and found, therein, AngloSwiss’s Good Morning (always brings a smile) and Diary of a PorterGirl’s latest ruminations on James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. From a smile to a rib aching paroxysm of mirth.

Just the way to start the day. Now, it’s Wednesday, so that’s a double red letter day for me. First, there’s Signs of the Time, #4 and, happily, I was covered, having done a quick sweep (as quick as a 60 year old with a walking stick and an iPhone) of the neighbourhood, yesterday and second, Wednesday means Writers’ Quote Wednesday Writer’s Challenge, (just flows lightly off the tongue, that one) and for me, that means another episode in the Starman saga. Ha, y’see what I did there? Saga, got a Daily Prompt in, too. I’m on fire.

Next up was something I’ve had on my mind since I read a post by thelittlelai, that touched on the pain of growing up and discovering the world of adult life. So I posted a short story I wrote a few years ago, Commandoes in the Dunes that, I suppose, tries to tackle that very problem from a young boy’s point of view.

Now, I haven’t got round to Starman, yet, but that will come, a little later. The next thing I wanted to post was a stirring and powerful performance by the Palestinian poet, Rafeef Ziadah that was performed in Ireland’s National Theatre last Sunday, as part of the Dublin International Literature Festival and recorded, for posterity, by my good friend and award winning film maker, Terry McMahon.

All that brought me up to lunchtime, although, in the interval, I took a short walk into the city centre to visit the bank, buy a shirt for a wedding and then some bread and other essentials, before walking home. I didn’t dally. I could’ve stopped in a few watering holes to wet my whistle, so to speak but therein lie dangers and, most likely, dragons, too.

No, I was a good boy and got myself home and fixed lunch and oh boy, what a lunch. I was watching tv chef, Rick Stein the other night and he was on a Long Weekend in Bologna. During the show he made a dish that left me drooling. It was pasta with a sausage sauce. I know, I know, it sounds awful but when you call it ragu salsiccia, it sounds so much better.

The ingredients are simple, you need one, proper, Italian sausage (Stein used local pork sausage stuffing and I don’t think it could’ve been half as good as mine), half a spoon of crushed fennel seeds, chilli flakes/fresh chilli (I used fresh chilli), fresh rosemary, a stick of celery and half an onion, both finely chopped, a glass of white wine, some chicken stock, some cream and finally, some parmigiana reggiana. And here’s how it turned out.IMG_4267




14 thoughts on “What a day, what a meal

      • It won’t let me comment in the reply section Dermott but that is one hell of a powerful story ….it takes you right there ….there is nothing like looking at events through an individual’s eyes is there? And this is Northen Ireland ‘troubles’ as they are known felt in one short story …it’s excellent Dermott
        It fascinates me how folk can ‘judge’ BUT we are ALL framed by the socio/political environment of where we live aren’t we?
        I grew up with IRA bombs going off and Peter Sutcliffe bumping off women left right and centre …not to mention the NF marches up and down the streets round here ….as a kid it’s just the norm isn’t it ….it wasn’t untill I was a bit older ….listening to my elders stories …being taught to question ( and getting into trouble for it :D:D:D that I started to think hmmmmmm well what is the root cause? …..what’s behind it? ….what are fools agendas and motivations

        Bloody hell Dermott you’ve had me up past my bed time now for a school night …first I couldn’t find ‘why me?’ and then I’ve been bugga ring about trying to comment:D:D:D

        Worth it tho 😉

      • I really didn’t mean for you to go to all that trouble. You went right back to one of my first blogs, about Hitchcock. If you read the comments, after Why Me? You’ll find the origins of the story. It’s been in my head for two years and a WP prompt challenge shook it loose. Thanks for reading it

      • You should write more of this stuff Dermott …… needs saying ….you know I worked for a number of years in Castleford a mining area …it was a few years after Thatcher ….the devastation in those communities was immense ….as you may remember the miners were made out to be total villains ‘the enemy within’ …..I always remember my first day driving onto the estate and it being really noticeable that it was blokes walking the kids to school …..all out of work see …a kind of role reversal going on with most of the women working at the Burbury factory ….oh the tales I could tell :D:D:D we don’t ALL have the writing talent tho Dermott

      • I did ‘like’ it Dermott ….but it wouldn’t scroll up far enough for me to press ‘reply’ ….it was kind of bobbing up then when I let it go it dropped back down again …I’m not making any sense now but I know what I mean:D:D:D

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