One of my first poems, City of Thoughts is, on one hand, about the city I love, on the other, it’s about the lonely existence of a writer

Postcard from a Pigeon

In my mind
the world is
a City of Thoughts
where I can wander
window shop
in a world of words,
sightsee cityscapes
of thoughtful wonder,
feast in restaurants
of Epicurian splendour
and drink in bars
with bottomless glasses,
wine that is the nectar
of Creation

But no- one talks
no-one listens
nobody sees
the thoughtful pavements,
or wanders
with me
in the avenues of wonder,
like the blind poet
singing songs
for the deaf

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7 thoughts on “City of Thoughts

      • I have watched it just now. Lovely video, creates a Tom Waits-like ambiance with an Irish twist. I don’t know if the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry at University of Belfast are still collecting audio/video of poets reading their own work for their poetry database. It might be a nice addition to their collection.

      • I have never managed to get any of my poems published. I’m a newcomer to the discipline. I do like that one, in particular, as it nods, respectfully, in the direction of Raftery, the 19th century Galway poet, celebrated with a statue in that town’s square. His best known poem, Raftery, An File, which means Raftery, The Poet and ends with the poignant line of him, a blind man, facing a wall, playing music for empty pockets

    • Writers are lonely creatures, almost by design. More than half of your life is spent inside your head, rearranging the furniture before you’ll let anyone else see it and then when you do, you fear no-one sees or hears what you hear

      • Others may not see or hear exactly what you see and hear until you open the door. When you can get to a place of detachment before sending a poem into the world the fear will disappear. Your poems will resonate with different people for different reasons. Keep the faith. This is a beautiful poem. :o)

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