1. Morning
  2. shower
  3. pills
  4. injections
  5. coffee
  6. eggs
  7. music
  8. news
  9. song, ‘Girl’, The Beatles, story idea
  10. Money (that’s what I want), the song, again by The Beatles, another story idea
  11. sunshine, more coffee, sit outside, read a book, ‘The Splendid Years: Memoirs of an Abbey actress and 1916 Rebel.’
  12. Film Noir, after reading FilmPravda’s excellent A Fatal(e) Excursion: Hanging Out with Film Noir
  13. Screenplay: two new ideas, must begin outlines
  14. walk: see, hear, smell, talk
  15. oldest shop in the neighbourhood, plans for redevelopment, must check the plans

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