FILM NOIR I recently decided to venture into providing myself with a cinematic education, simply by watching films. Unsure of where to start, I decided to choose the nebula of film noir. I can’t say why I decided to pick this genre, maybe its my overall fondness for the genre, maybe it was because I had…Read more FILM NOIR

List of Likes and Inspirations

Morning shower pills injections coffee eggs music news song, 'Girl', The Beatles, story idea Money (that's what I want), the song, again by The Beatles, another story idea sunshine, more coffee, sit outside, read a book, 'The Splendid Years: Memoirs of an Abbey actress and 1916 Rebel.' Film Noir, after reading FilmPravda's excellent A Fatal(e)…Read more List of Likes and Inspirations

Neither a borrower nor a lender be

Shakespeare has been with me, all my life. In school, I studied Richard II, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, The Tempest and Macbeth. My father loved Shakespeare and could recite, off the cuff, from at least a dozen of the Bard's plays. On his 90th birthday, he recited the Seven Ages of Man from As You Like It, at a lunch in his honour.