post1The more involved I become in blogging, the more engaging it becomes. Like many things these days, there’s a whole industry of people who can tell you how to achieve your goal. But, having trawled through many of those I find their objectives are often too wide of the mark unless you’re prepared to deliver the bland, the innocuous and the downright, trite. I’m not. I’m a writer so I’ll write what I want to write and, if I comment, prepare for the truth, as I see it.

So, goal # 1  Finding and building an audience of readers

Goal # 2 Improve my writing through engaging with others for constructive critique

Goal # 3 Helping others, through helpful and constructive commentary and having fun, while I’m doing it

And if anything else comes along while I pursue these objectives, like a way to earn an income, hey, as the lady said, I’m open to offers but I’m not up for grabs.




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