Sunday Summer Saunter


This is Brody, my grandson, the little girning guy in the previous, No, Don’t Wanna picture prompt post. He paid me a visit today, with his mummy, my daughter, Holly and we took a leisurely Sunday summer saunter through the neighbourhood.

Of course, that meant lunch in The Fish Shack, down on Parliament St, where Brody, like his cousin, Fionn, the week before, got a chance to get up close with a lobster.

From there, we took a stroll through the grounds of Dublin Castle where Brody made a storming run from the main gate before his Mum caught up with him.IMG_4167


Before we left the castle grounds, we went to the Chester Beatty library where we bought Brody a diary souvenir. He wasn’t interested in an illustrated version of 1001 Arabian Nights.

After that, we took a stroll to the park beside St Patrick’s Cathedral and here, Brody demonstrated a child’s propensity to digest endless quantities of ice cream. Fun day.




14 thoughts on “Sunday Summer Saunter

  1. I have never been to Ireland. I think most of the Swiss nation have been there on holiday and tell me how wonderful it is, but I have never been there. I would love to visit Dublin and see the sights. My best friends mother was from Newry and all her relatives were orangemen, so we won’t talk about King Billy and the battle of the Boyne. Lovely photo of your grandson.

    • It was a lovely day. Grandparents sometimes make this joke about how they love when their grandchildren visit, because you can always give them back. This little guy and his cousin and their mums are the lights of my life

  2. Sounds like a great day – visits with my grandparents like this when I was a child are some of my best memories. The Chester Beatty Librbary was my favorite place that I visited in Dublin a couple of years ago – amazing place for anyone who loves books.

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