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“2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Romans 12:2a)

There were three stages in BehaviourForum: Initiation, Formulation and Reassembly. When a child left WombHome, it was taken to Initiation. Here, life lessons were taught, washing, feeding, staying healthy, finding a function.

Of course, no-one called these things by their full name. It would be tiresome and time wasting was never encouraged. So BehaviourForum was BeFo, Initiation was InIt, Formulation was FormU and Reassembly was ReAs. Nothing was complicated because Complications cause Conflict.

There wasn’t many Units in ReAs. It was such a simple procedure; take a ticket, wait for your number, then follow the receptobot to the ReAs chamber. It wasn’t, of course, a chamber. Well, he didn’t think it was, as though the word, chamber, has some significance to him. No, he couldn’t think of anything similar but he had this feeling, yes, that’s what it was, a feeling. He was marvelling at this discovery, when there was a loud squawk from the ReAs tannoy.

“Number 158, Unit please respond…number 158, Unit please respond”

He was still smiling, a far away look in his eyes, when he realised it was his number that was being called.

He rushed to the window, inserted his number card into the slot, there was a whirr, a clack, and a receptobot detached itself from the counter rail, lights blinking and surging as he booted up, on the run.

And it was off, the receptobot set off on its designated route, Unit 158, not Abraham, the name given to him, when he graduated from WoHo to BeFo, followed.

And this was where all this chamber palaver began. Abraham, or Unit 158, if you like, couldn’t escape the notion running around his head, like a child, playing in an empty warehouse, was an emotion , the thing he read about from a digital file he found in the Crater of Density. He was feeling something about the word, chamber.

He could feel his heartbeat and pulse begin to race and then, maintain a pace that would only feel natural if running. But, he wasn’t running. And, aside from that, there was the accelerated excretion of body fluid through, head, torso and genitals. Unusual, even uncomfortable.He resisted to adjust his TopCover, his toco and its graphene lining.

He was strapped in to a kaleidoscope of emotions. As soon as he felt one, another gripped him. He was smiling at the receptobot, facial muscles ache, unusual. The door of the chamber opened as the receptobot arrived. He stepped inside. The receptobot retreated, back on the rail.

Now he’s in the ReAs chamber and it’s just not a chamber, at least, not as he knows it. And that’s the thing, right there, he doesn’t know what a chamber is but his feelings, these sensations, jolting, coursing and crashing through his perceptions, tell him this is not a chamber.

It’s a tall ceilinged, airy room with a grand, panoramic view of the lush, golden sway of the Grand Plain. There’s a small table, standing right in the centre and beside it, a small chair. A new receptobot stands beside the table, motionless.

He sits. The receptobot pours him a drink from a pitcher stored in his chest panel. He takes the drink. There’s a flash of light.

And that was it. He was out and he has a memory. He can remember. His mind has not been reassembled.


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