Feeling old? Here’s 21 great reasons for you to enjoy being middle-aged

A former colleague from my days as a journalist, Dave Kenny writes sharp, humourous observations

Dave Kenny's Blog

Irish Examiner, May 8, 2016

“Dye your white hair. I don’t want people to think I have a middle aged son.”

That’s my mother talking. She is past the 70 mark.

“No,” I reply, firmly. “White is the new brown – except when it comes to bread. Brown bread is better for the bowels … as you get OLDER.” I thought the emphasis on OLDER might shut her up. It didn’t… and it didn’t silence the nagging voice in my head saying “she’s right, you’re middle aged… you’re middle aged…”

Webster’s dictionary defines middle age as being between 45ish and 65ish. I’m 49, so I’m over that threshold. I don’t feel middle aged, old or tired. I’ll be very happy to live another 50 years, even if it’s just to annoy everyone around me, demanding my bag be changed or my Zimmer frame be polished.

I am part of the…

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