Hi, first, my checklist. Clean, behind the ears, pencil, bus money, lunch, notebook. Right, this is my first day in school. I’ve just signed up for a blogging basics course and this is my first task. Stand up, in front of the class and tell you who I am.

My name is Dermott. I’m a writer.


Aren’t you guys supposed to say? No, no, forget it, that’s a different…I’m a little confused.

Ok, let me start again. I first began writing when I realized pens were not just for chewing. I published my own newspaper in school (https://dermotthayes.com/2016/04/27/an-obstacle-is-a-challenge/). I changed schools a couple of times and in different places but I always loved writing.

After spending some time on the academic trail – I studied politics and history, wrote some research papers, did some teaching – then I became a journalist and worked for many national newspapers in Ireland and the UK and as a freelance journalists for newspapers and magazines around the world. For a short while I was People magazine’s correspondent in Ireland . I wrote about music for MOjo, Q, Select, Noor and Rolling Stone. After 25 years in newspapers, my last job was as Showbusiness Editor of the Irish Mail on Sunday, I gave it up and decided to stick to writing my own work.

Since then I’ve published two books, Postcard from a Pigeon and Other Stories, a collection of short stories and Tito’s Dead, a crime fiction novel. I am writing another, currently.

I’ve dabbled in film making and scriptwriting. Everything is a learning process and if I’m not learning, I’m not interested. I’ve made a couple of video poems that can be seen in the drop down, ‘videos’ menu on my site. Last year, I made a short film, https://dermotthayes.com/2016/04/12/1916-souls-of-freedom-2/ to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Dublin, 1916.

I joined WordPress more than a year ago but never put any time or conviction into it until the past six weeks. Now, I love it because it’s an excellent forum to develop ideas, take on prompts and challenges, check out other people’s work, get feedback and comment on new fiction.


3 thoughts on “First Day At School

  1. Loved it, all beginnings are different (I was going to say difficult, but as a fully fledged writier you know what to write). I wish I could visit a blogger class, but it would all be in German here. I did do a web publisher course, which comes in handy now and again. Of course, I do have an advantage, I am woman, and being such always have something to say. You have a pencil – come off it, today we all have iPads or progressive form called laptop. What is a pencil? Just a moment I think I might have one somewhere in a kitchen cupboard for a thing called shopping list, although today we do them on the mobile. Enjoy your blogging course and show them all how to do it.

    • Use what you have, first rule of spoofing! I decided to have a go at one of the classes. It’s just four weeks and you get a daily task. Actually, I signed up for two of them. I missed my Good Morning, this morning. Now I feel like I’ve been catching up all day. Anyway, I can’t use pencils or pens, anymore. I have the most painful arthritis in my fingers. And you’re never too old to learn something new. What did you have this morning? I went for natural yoghurt and raspberries, coffee and a wholewheat scone

      • My usual bread a jam, cherry this morning. It is a national holiday here today, Ascension day, so the Swiss are all taking it easy. Everything is closed, including the banks, which is quite a rare happening. I do have a funny shaped finger, which is proably arthritis, but I don’t write in any case, I just type. I tried writing by hand a while ago, for a testament or something like that. After 10 tries and a full waste paper basket I managed to do it. I am glad I do not have to write a testament every day. Why can’t we write them on the computer? Must go, am in the middle of writing one of my Pulitzer prize suspicious blogs.

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