Yup, it’s that time again, the second week of my Signs of the Time challenge and so far the response has been dismal. Never mind, that won’t stop me. Take a look around you, see the signs and ping them back to me or leave them in the comments….


One hundred years ago, during the Easter Rising of 1916, in Dublin, a company of the Irish Citizen Army, under the command of Commandant Michael Mallin, a silk weaver and socialist and Countess Constance Georgine Markievicz, an active Republican nationalist, took up their post in St Stephen’s Green. Countess Markievicz and a small party under her command, then took control of the Royal College of Surgeons, when the company in the park came under heavy machine gun fire from the roof of the nearby Shelbourne Hotel. They held out for a week in the RCSI, stacking books from the college’s library at the windows. The wounded were tended by surgeons and nurses of the college.

THAT’S the spirit, snapper and former newspaper colleague, Ronan Quinlan, a man with an eye for a sign, sent me this…crafty sign, eh?

Photo: Ronan Quinlan

Photo: Ronan Quinlan

12 thoughts on “Signs Of The Time challenge

    • put the picture in a post on your own site then paste the link to my site, https://dermotthayes.com/2016/05/04/signs-of-the-time-challenge on your page. This creates a pingbakc, once pingbacks are turned on, on your site. You can find out if they are by clicking ‘customize’ and then scrolling to the end of the drop down menu until you come to pingbacks. This should tell you if they are turned on or off. When you paste a ref to my site, with the url, above, it shows up as a ‘comment’ link on mine. Either way, at least it gets people looking out for a piece of daily, down to earth, humour, eh? Thank you for having a go.

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